Monday, October 31, 2016

James & Peony

Some more daily characters!

James is a general of the Tano military force who is often very manipulative. He does whatever he can to get things for himself, even if it means telling lies and betraying his teammates. James is one of the higher ups of the Tano military, and often holds meetings in his own household. His son Gostream does not agree with a lot of the things that he does, but he often ignores his sons' words.

Peony is a talkative young girl who is always interested in what her father is up to. Even though she's only twelve years old, she tries to speak with her father's friends and pretend that she's older than she is. When she tries to help him with work, he often just gives her small tasks to make her feel like she did something important for his grown-up work.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Andrew & Poncho

Some more daily characters!

Andrew is a diligent man from Tour Tide City who will go to work even if there are giant monsters attacking his city. He is attacked by a rhino monster while he is driving to work, but luckily Ram and Puordo rescue him.

Poncho is a very impatient member of the Pearlies who has the ability to use illusion magic. He doesn't usually think things through before acting, because of his impatient personality. Poncho has many magic abilities including an electric rope that constricts enemies, as well as white smoke that blinds his enemies. He likes to play by his own rules, and even though he is very small, he can be a reliable member of the group.

Friday, October 28, 2016

A Bunch of Inktobers!

October is getting close to an end, so I'm posting a bunch of Inktober drawings I've done so far!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Aoi & Jody

These were some fun daily characters!

Aoi is a princess of Sram and the youngest of the royal Saosin siblings. She is very enthusiastic and always wants to know what her siblings are up to. Aoi doesn't really understand boundaries, and becomes upset whenever she is pushed away. She, unfortunately, is one of the victims in the Volzineon War in Sram, though.

Jody is an old woman who is known as Jody the Puzzle Solver because of her love for puzzles. She can solve just about any puzzle, unless it involves memory games. Since she's getting old, she's also getting forgetful, so her memory is not the greatest. She is very strict with kids and will usually yell at them if they are doing something she thinks is wrong. Most commonly, she tells her grandchildren "Boys! No playin' here!" when they play four square too close to her house.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Romancing SaGa 3 Fanart

So last week, I beat Romancing SaGa 3. It was a very interesting game and not really like anything I've played before. I would say it felt like a mix between Live-A-Live and Final Fantasy VI, but even that doesn't describe it entirely. I got kind of frustrated towards the end, since the final battle was really challenging, but I ended up beating it. And so to sum up my play-through, I drew an illustration of the characters that I used, fighting against Forneus. This started as a sketch, and then I got a little carried away and had fun playing with effects and experimenting with a new kind of style.

Here's the final illustration!

And now let me take you through the process!

 I ended up starting this one out on a mid-tone background. I was originally going to just doodle them, and a few of these were even sketchier, but I didn't save those layers.

And then I cleaned some of them up a bit.

I colored/shaded them in, and moved the characters in the BG back a bit, so that they looked more distant.
I set the BG lines to be a lot more opaque so they don't look as jarring.

And then I blurred certain elements of the characters a little, so important parts were more focused. 

I blurred my characters with motion blur!
Don't worry the next step fixes the spookiness.

I set the foreground to 75% opacity and Vivid Light. And then the background blur was set to 58% opacity and Overlay.

I decided I wanted that attack to look more epic. So I drew some action lines to create a better focal point. 

I set the object to Divide, so it would fit in better. 

I decided that wasn't enough of an effect, so I duplicated it and rotated it slightly so there would be two of those. I also set this to Screen 42%.

Then I duplicated that one again and set the new effect to Lighten 55%.

And then the final product! I just added some noise effects to give it a little more texture.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bubbleroot & Yanny

Some daily characters!

Bubbleroot is a skillful fashion designer who is the brains behind Hoedown Fox's group. She doesn't talk a whole lot, but hears and observes everything that happens. This is why she is such a valuable member to Hoedown Fox's team. She tells him everything, and may not share all of this valuable information with the group as a whole. Bubbleroot prefers to watch things happen from a distance, and doesn't directly involve herself.

Yanny is a very bubbly nurse from the Inferno Colony #3 who has hope for the future. She is very optimistic, even though hard times. Because of her stable job as a nurse, she is often overlooked and not harmed, like some of the other citizens of the Inferno Colony. Yanny is very good at keeping her patients comforted, even if things might look grim.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Biospark & Guy

Some daily characters!

Biospark is a powerful young robot who can turn his top hat into a drill. He usually leads the battles, but is not much of a talker. His powerful abilities is what makes him able to lead though. He used to hang out in Outlaw Bar very often, but soon branched out and began exploring on his own, or sometimes accompanied by a few of his close friends.

Guy is a very over-confident member of the Bleeding Libras. He uses his fists and confidently rushes into battle by himself. He is a body builder and is always causing trouble. Guy is usually placed in charge of prisoners, since he will pursue any that escape, no matter what.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Nays Doodads Game!

So I started working on another RPG Maker project last week. It was only after I read up on Yanfly's Grid-Free Doodads Plug-in that I got super inspired to make a new game using it! It was really useful to be able to place objects without having to worry about them being stuck on a grid. I didn't make more beyond the opening, but it was a fun activity for one night.

Here's a quick interface that I put together!

And then this is the temporary title screen that I made just to have something in there.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Gozido & Quinn

Some daily characters!

Gozido is a powerful bounty hunter who works on his own. He works much differently than most, and hunts other bounty hunters rather than criminals. Gozido works for an independent organization who gives him big money for doing this. He often works his way in to make other bounty hunters become wanted as well, to make things more interesting for himself and to ruin their reputations. Kyoto and Saizo are both currently competing to who can kill him first, but he is also onto them.

Quinn is a knowledgeable member of the CrY family who collects information. Though, his information is not always correct, since he did confuse one of the talented Blue chefs for Punchy. Quinn is always doing research on many different people, both enemies and allies of the CrY family, so misinformation is not completely uncommon.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

More Inktober Stuff!

Annnd Inktober is continued! As always, check my Instagram to see those posted instantly after I draw them!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

WAB & Carlo

Some daily characters!

WAB is a very talkative young boy who is always asking questions. He needs to know what is happening at all times, and hates being left out. WAB wants to be a leader and tries to know everyone's business so that he can try to help out wherever possible. He sometimes gets annoyed with his friend Goodlight, since he is always in charge and getting a lot stronger than him.

Carlo is a very protective villager from Koukon Village, who has sworn to protect his wife no matter what. He deeply loves Veronica, and puts his life before hers. Other than that, Carlo usually isn't the smartest, so his methods of protecting her and usually very rash and not planned out.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Social Media Breakdown

Do you ever wonder what happens on my Social Media sites that aren't Blogger? Well now is your chance to find out! I even have my usernames on all of these sites in case this interests you to follow those ones, too!