Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Yanger & King Vodanoj

These were fun daily characters!

Yanger is one of Gallu's assistants who specializes in running activities. She is able to come up with fun things to do on the fly, which is why he puts her in charge of a lot of the parties; especially when they need someone to run icebreakers. Yanger has a strict side, and things aren't always fun and games for her; she does not let anyone take advantage of her, no matter what. Yanger is the one who leads The Nays in playing Truth or Dare at the end of their camping trip in PS World.

King Vodanoj is the egotistical ruler of the underwater depths in C R I M World. He is very full of himself, and refuses to admit when he is wrong. He believes that he is the strongest being in all of The Worlds, and is devastated once he is defeated by Sally Bullrider. King Vodanoj is a frog-like creature who has the ability to turn people into statues, much like himself. He is very heavy and bulky, so his slow movements are his one disadvantage. And, of course, that he cannot leave the underwater depths.

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