Thursday, June 9, 2016

Last Daily Characters for awhile!

So today I'm heading on my plane for LA, so that means I'll be a lot less active here for the next few months! I'll still try to make posts whenever I can, but I won't be making them daily, that's for sure. These are the last daily characters I'll be drawing for awhile too, since I've got a busy summer ahead of me!

Sum3 is a reckless man who is the oldest of the three Merco brothers. He gets into trouble with the law an awful lot, and doesn't listen to authority. Sum3 has a bad temper and prefers to think more with his fists, rather than his head. Even if he is the oldest, he is definitely not the most mature, and is often reminded by his brothers on how he should act in public.

Puffer is a heavy smoker who is often wandering off on his own. Because of his dirty work, he is never seen staying in one place for very long. His family in Biggert City is often worried about him, and his little brother even sets off to find him at one point. Puffer doesn't like talking about himself, and usually keeps himself rather distant from others.

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