Sunday, June 5, 2016

Alphonse & Substoy

Some more daily characters!

Alphonse is a heavy alcoholic who is always seen partying and drinking beer. He brews his own special beer that has extreme side-effects; whoever is under the influence will become extremely drunk and energetic by just taking a few sips. Alphonse always brings his own beer to parties and loves sharing it with everyone he meets. Alphonse is almost always under the influence, which is a major turn-off to his wife, Julie.

Substoy is the loudest creature in Biggert City who screams whenever he speaks. He was once best friends with Chiz, until Chiz got annoyed with his loud voice. Chiz made up the nickname "Stois," in which he calls him whenever referring to him. At first Substoy thought it was cool and would always say "Only Chiz can call me that!" when others tried to chime in and call him by that name. He wanted to treasure the friendship between the two of them, but since then, he has been banished from the Big Kid Club and is no longer second in charge. Substoy has become very depressed after being dethroned, and tends to keep to himself and only speak when he needs to. He cannot help that he has a loud voice, but it is what banished him from his group of friends.

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