Friday, May 20, 2016

Music Mania

Lots of fun little Brainstorming activities that I did recently!

I was kind of just feeling like doing nothing, so I forced myself to draw for like an hour and a half straight. But this was a really fun activity that I did in my sketchbook during Spring Break camp. And even before that, I did it in my old notebooks from over 10 years ago. Basically I put my music on shuffle and draw whatever comes to mind for the song. And I give myself just the time limit of the song to draw it (in a few cases I cheated a bit just to finish some of these drawings so there weren't like half of faces or whatnot). So I went through at least 24 songs? I wrote lightly what each song was next to it, but that was really tiny and messy because it wasn't too important.

Gair isn't usually emotional, but things happen. I like drawing my characters being emotional, because it breaks a lot of their characters a lot. But it happens to everyone, right?

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