Monday, May 23, 2016

Dundas & Tobarus

Some more characters that had been sketched out before, but never fully designed until now.

Dundas is a very tricky cat that can get anyone to look when he points and says "Hey, look over there!" His persuasive personality and attitude somehow convinces others to believe him, no matter what. Dundas hopes to one day create his own restaurant that everyone will enjoy throughout The Worlds. He at first wants to create a World dedicated to this, but quickly realizes that is too big of a task to start with. Dundas eventually starts a restaurant that he plans to help with traffic into whichever World he chooses to place it in. One day he hopes to be one of the lead restaurants in all of The Worlds.

Tobarus is a mediary who represents Ginko's white cloaks and Mr Dude World. He is very organized and well-respected. Tobarus always carries necessary paperwork when making a negotiation between Worlds. He is very calm and almost always composed. Nothing phases this man, and he is always able to keep his cool.

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