Sunday, May 22, 2016

Artistic Reflection

So it's been a little over a year now since I graduated. Which is crazy. Since I graduated, I've been working hard on trying to improve the best that I can. And I think that I've gotten fairly far with it. Of course I'm not 100% happy with where I am artistically, but will I ever be? Is anyone ever truly happy with their art? Probably not. But right now I'm pretty happy with the amount of improvement I've had, and I'm getting more comfortable with where I am currently. I've been focusing more on the positive and it's been making my growth a lot healthier as well. I know there's still a lot more in this artistic journey, and I'm excited to see what that will be!

This is a comparison to what my favorite piece was in 2015 to what it is now in 2016. I feel like my stuff has gotten looser and I've been able to put down lines a lot more comfortably.

And this is my Art vs Artist thing! Everyone was doing it, so I thought I would join in on the fun.

And then this is a tutorial that I made to show what my process is when I'm drawing these daily characters!
(if you can't read it, check out the full version here!)

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