Monday, April 25, 2016

Molly & Regent Pin Pin

More daily characters!

Molly is a laid-back bartender who loves juicy gossip, so she works mostly during the daytime. She often starts new rumors, or spreads existing ones based upon stuff that she hears from her customers. Molly is pretty chill, but she can get pretty sassy, especially with strangers. She is always nosing her way into everyone's business, and knows where all of her regulars spend their time when they're not there.

Regent Pin Pin is extremely trusting, even if it is not the logical decision. He rules over the Pintos, and attempts to rule based on what he believes is best for his people, rather than what they really want. He ends up trusting Divroga much more than he should, and ends up getting very close to him, and his views are extremely manipulated. Regent Pin Pin begins to care about his people and realize what is best for them, but it is a little too late...

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