Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mokosh & Leequi

These two were originally made up by my brother, but I helped with the redesigning process.

Mokosh is a stealthy member of the Torpedo Four, who can turn her skin into a water-like substance. She is very confident about her role in the Torpedo Four, and will not hesitate to take charge when needed. She and the other members perform the New Colonist Welcoming Ceremony in Inferno Colony #3 every year.

Leequi is an older member of the CrY family who is very confident in his leadership position. He works closely with Mr Q in leading the family and taking charge of the plans. Leequi is very vengeful and doesn't appreciate being taken advantage of. He will be happy to fight enemies of the family and will not risk any of them being lost. Leequi believes because of his old age, he is much wiser and more experienced than the other members of the family, so he often looks down to them.

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