Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jaysin & Solty

So now that I'm back from Spring Break Camp, that means my daily characters are back!

Jaysin is a wanted criminal from TGWTLT World, who enjoys breaking the law. He has been convicted of theft, breaking & entering, and assaulting an elderly woman all within a week, which is why Ginko sends the White Cloaks all the way to PS World to arrest him. Jaysin generally doesn't care about other people, so he's mostly a loner. Something went terribly wrong in his past, which is why he enjoys causing harm to others so much. Though he looks tough, he is actually quite cowardly when being chased or caught in the act.

Solty is one of the lead members of the Beauties Club, and is extremely concerned with her looks. Because her cousin Rith is the leader, she is placed very highly in the club, and is one of the members who chooses whether or not someone is beautiful enough to join. Her laugh sounds like it is mocking others, but she does not always mean it that way. Solty has a reserved sense of humor, so she often fakes laughs whenever she needs to fit in.

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