Sunday, April 17, 2016

Back from Spring Break Camp!

So this past week, I taught little kids how to use Photoshop at the iD Tech Mini Spring Break Camp! It was a lot of fun and I had some really awesome kids. Each day I had 40 minutes for a break during their time at the Maker Station, so I managed to doodle these during those times. The kids were always super excited to see these sketches, regardless of how little effort/time I put into them.

The first day, I doodled Doge.

Then I drew Gair.

And then since it was Hawaiian day at camp, I drew Pubby wearing Hawaiian wear. Even if this is incredibly out of character for him.

And then I had about 5 minutes or less and doodled Mar. For some reason the kids thought she was Greek, so I dunno, haha.

And I had the opportunity to visit iD Tech's corporate office while I was there. And in addition, I got to sign the wall there!

And these are tons of photos with my new friends/family! 

And lastly, some souvenirs from the kids at camp this week! 

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