Friday, March 11, 2016

Pubby Drawings

A few Pubby drawings I did while working on my portfolio.

When Pubby used to live with Chozu, Chozu would constantly torment Pubby with his pet dogs. They weren't very nice dogs either, so it was not a fun time for Pubby.

I re-drew this drawing again! This is about the third time that this has been drawn, haha. The first one was drawn in like 2008? While the redrawn one was in 2013, and then this one in 2016! So lots of progression. I could have worked on this a little more, but I've got lots of things to draw and not enough time.

Lonny and Pubby hanging out, aka using their phones while standing next to each other. My brother pointed out that I don't actually have many drawings of Pubby and Lonny together, so I had to doodle this to make up for it.

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