Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Senkou & Nautel

I've been super busy, but keeping up, regardless!

Senkou is an insane member of the Torpedo Four who is always seen holding knives. He enjoys cutting his victim up into pieces. Senkou is very violent and extremely crazy. He and the other members perform the New Colonist Welcoming Ceremony in Inferno Colony #3 every year. Senkou is always looking for a new challenge, especially fights against fellow swordsmen.

Nautel is a young girl whose voice is loud enough to injure eardrums. She usually has to whisper in order to speak in at a "normal" volume that does not injure others. Whenever she is angry, she will scream and usually cause lots of pain to her enemies. Nautel tries to help Horton become a World Leader by joining his team for the World Leader Exam.

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