Friday, February 12, 2016

Garlint & The Nephew

These were some fun characters! Playing around with poses or unique aspects of characters.

Garlint is the powerful prime minister of Odustra who hails from the Tano tribe. Not only is he the prime minister of his country, but he is also a military commander and a very persuasive leader. Garlint uses all different kinds of weapons in battle, but his specialty is his trusty machine gun.

TNephewWTLT is a mischievous young creature who likes causing trouble. He attempts to seal off Compass World, in order to follow the plans of the rest of The Family Who Talks Like This: keep The Nays in The Worlds. The Nephew likes to do things in secret and never really likes attention for what he does. He is very strong, despite his size, and his abilities are on par with World Leaders.

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