Saturday, February 27, 2016

Baklo & Mr. Wopson

Some fun characters!

Baklo is one of the commanding officers of the Dusty Dimes, and the one who led them during Lonny's absence. He replaces Pubby as Lonny's "Number 1" once Pubby takes a break from being in the gang. He has always been Lonny's best friend and most trusted member. Baklo often goes to Aleen's place to get more tattoos to add to his body. Baklo can be a really good leader, but he knows when it's time to back off and retreat. He's super chill and relaxed most of the time, and doesn't really go out of his way to get into fights with people.

Mr. Wopson is one of the World Officials of Compass World who has very strong mind powers. He will control objects around him with his mind to fight off his enemies. Mr. Wopson's main weapon is a "remote control" helicopter; but this helicopter is not controlled by an actual remote, it is controlled by his mind. His hair works as antennae that help him project his telekinetic powers. Overall, Mr. Wopson is one of the most powerful people in Compass World, which is why he serves as one of the Officials that will watch over it.

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