Monday, February 22, 2016

Anti-Ochra & Yousprit

These were characters that my brother had already made up awhile back, just never had completely finished designs.

Anti-Ochra is a businesswoman with high status in the CrY family, who works as a bank teller. She will sometimes steal money from the bank when she has the opportunity to. Anti-Ochra despises dressing up, but unfortunately, because of her job, she has to on a daily basis. She also doesn't really like parties or social gatherings, but is forced to in order to keep her high status in the CrY family.

Yousprit is a straw demon who has the power to summon other demons using a large red balloon. He is very serious about his missions, and works extra hard to make sure that he is successful. Despite his small size, he wants to prove that he is a strong and useful member to the Red Balloon group.

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