Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sahib & Hire

Some criminals that The Nays have fought!

Sahib is a ronin who wanders AV World after failing to protect his younger brother. Him and Rammako have very similar backgrounds, so Rammako ends up trusting him due to this. Sahib is a very tricky boy who is good at manipulating others to believe what he says. He is very dangerous and is a wanted criminal.

Hire is a dangerous demon who is a wanted criminal in PS World. He has killed 72 innocent victims, including 2 World Officials. Hire is not someone to be messed with, because he enjoys eating non-Demons. He has the ability to control blood, so whenever someone has a scratch or wound, he is able to control that blood and send it out of their body. Though he seems all-powerful, Arashi eventually seals him away into a sword.

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