Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mellichin & Sesra

Some characters who were drawn around Christmas.

Mellichin is the angry leader of Meteor Age, one of the most popular clubs in Biggert City. He takes his club very seriously and only lets the most cool kids join. If Mellichin doesn't like someone, they're not allowed in the club. He is extremely judgmental and will remember every mistake that any of his friends make, so that he can use it against them if necessary. He often skips class and instead takes baths in the public restroom sink.

Sesra is a demon who is one of the newest members of the Death Association. She forms an alliance with both Trekkon and Katume, since they are all the newest members of the Association. She is always very obedient and follows orders even if it means having to put her own life at risk. Even if tortured to death, Sesra is very good at keeping information from others and not spilling anything to the enemy forces.

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