Friday, November 13, 2015

Traditional Nay Event!

It's been awhile since I drew my characters on paper, but since my brother's computer has been rendering for awhile, we both decided to go downstairs and do some traditional drawings. This was an event where we got drawing prompts of two characters doing something, and we would draw one of each of our characters to fit with the prompts. It was a lot of fun!

Scott, Topaz, Doge, and Ted

Gojo, Pubby, Firebreath, and Ralphie

 Shaw, Gair, JrTr, and Zandra

Punchy, Grenna, Snull, and Baw

Chozu, Mar, Piko, and Yaro

Pigger, Megumi, Cheato, and Elfno

Vhan and Arianna

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