Friday, October 23, 2015

Ultra-sect-oid & Noight

Some of my daily characters!

Ultra-sect-oid is JrTr's imaginary friend who shares his big ego. He always claims to know exotic facts, even if they are not always true. He never admits he's wrong and has a very "know-it-all" personality. He also tries to make friends with a lot of people, but because of his off-putting personality, most people don't really get along with him.

Noight is Gozo's best friend who helps run the Gozo Burger. Although, Gozo does whatever he can to not put Noight in charge, because when Noight is in charge, he will charge the customers by their grade in school (so a 1st grader could buy as much as he wants for $1). This may bring in a lot of business for the Gozo Burger, but also makes them lose a lot of money. Noight is overly generous and kind. He is often bullied by the other Big Kids for hanging out with the Little Kids and helping them out.

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