Thursday, October 22, 2015

Art Trades!

A few pieces I got around to doing that didn't involve my characters.

An Art Trade that I did for an artist on deviantART!

Another Art trade I did for someone on deviantART.

And this is a little fanart piece (not an art trade, but different from what I usually post). I ended up beating Paper Mario 2 last week (since I never got around to finishing it 11 years ago). Weird coincidence that I literally just started playing it the day before the 11 year anniversary of it first coming out (also the day that I drew this)! Crazy that it's been so long, since it was the last really good Mario game I played. But anyway, Vivian was my favorite partner and I'm just about to get her in my game! Also I decided to try a lineless approach on this one. It was interesting, but I still enjoy lineart too much to do this very often.

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