Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Arabella & Myra

Some more daily characters! I used references for these poses (trying to get back in the habit of using references for my art more often).

Arabella is a strict World Leader Exam Judge who is not afraid to fail those who do not meet her standards. She is one of Malik's elite officials who has high authority in the Timeless Abyss. She is very straight-forward with feedback and does not cover any of the truth.

Myra is part of the tech support branch at the Braves Company. He resides in Celia's house as a worker, ever since he escaped the Odustra country with some others from the Teso clan. Myra has a pretty big ego since he's very good at doing his job. He will often treat his cousin Shaw as a younger brother, and enjoys poking fun at him often. Myra is very professional and composed.

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