Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Waggert & Dardo

I missed one day of daily characters because of some technical difficulties, but I'm back!

Waggert is a very playful squirrel from Biggert City. He loves comedy and many of the members of the city think he is hilarious. Waggert is a member of Pobuck's Joke Club, and is the reason he gets so much business during Joke Season. Waggert is super admired by all comedians in Biggert City because of his great skills.

Dardo is one of Mabu's trusty partners who helps out on the airship. He usually does a lot of the handyman work whenever something needs fixing. But Dardo is not afraid to hire on new workers to help with the cleaning portion of work for the ship. He is usually a very dedicated worker, but he enjoys taking breaks from time to time.

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