Saturday, September 12, 2015


So I managed to stay healthy during all of my travelling this summer, but the minute I get home, I get sick. It's better than being sick while on a trip though, so I'm glad it happened now rather than earlier. But this means I might be slowing down a little and pumping out less art. I'm still going to do my daily characters and other daily drawing exercises, but you probably won't see any extra art until I'm recovered.

Fitu is a very energetic creature from Senay, a small town in AV World. Fitu is always talking, and is pretty much always in a good mood. He is very positive and always cheers up his friends, no matter what. He has been childhood friends with Piko, and will do whatever he can to help him out. Fitu uses his flames to his advantage in battle, and is a very powerful warrior.

Jawn is a very lively bartender who enjoys brewing his own beer with his good friend Alphonse. He is often found partying and getting drunk. He often is yelled at by Alphonse's wife for bringing Alphonse out to his parties and giving him free beer samples.

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