Monday, September 14, 2015

Blue Characters!

These past two characters just so happened to be blue AND somehow associated with Punchy. A member of the CrY family and Punchy's brother!

Gary is a very loud member of the Blue family. He loves rapping and singing in general, so he likes to pretend that he's a professional rapper. He is very close friends with his brother Laui, but he didn't really get along with many of his other siblings. Gary always screams and doesn't have a very good sense of volume.

Screem is a very lonesome member of the CrY family. He prefers to do pretty much everything by himself and doesn't really like to work with others. He is very powerful though, and uses that strength mainly to benefit himself. Although, when the time comes, he does do what he can to help out his family. (My file got corrupt as soon as I finished it, so I had to completely redo the lines and shading. That's why those look a little more rushed...)

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