Friday, August 28, 2015

New Cintiq!

So after a summer of working at iD Tech, I finally saved up enough money to buy my own cintiq! I'm super excited to be able to work on stuff at home using a cintiq. I've only ever used a cintiq at school for homework, so this will be a completely new experience for me. Working on personal and work-related projects on a cintiq.

This was the first drawing I did on my new cintiq!

And this is a snapshot of my workspace now.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

This Summer's Daily Characters

Because I was so busy at camp this summer, I wasn't able to keep up with my daily characters every day, but I drew them whenever I could. I'm not going to include every description in here because that would be a lot of text, but you can check out my Instagram for short descriptors.

Pyre is Pheno's daughter who looks after the R Nays during their visits to Tag World.

Maudit is a very strict owner of the Hillside Manor who does not appreciate Kali's witty attitude when she speaks with him.

Dr Sando
Dr Sando is a very dangerous doctor from Sir Dude World.

Eva is an old woman who still tries to be active and do "young people things" regardless of her age.

José is a playful young boy who loves to play soccer.


Elftair is a serious guy who is very passionate about training.

Sabor is a very temperamental feline that loves to play basketball.

Chiz is a wrestler who leads the "Big Kid" Club in Biggert City.

Norio is a mangaka who is one of the two leaders of SN World. He is often travelling in his World as inspiration for his manga.

Garou is a greedy bandit who will do just about any job if he gains money or fame in the process.

Laui is a sickly boy who has a strange skin disease. When he is healthy, he is a good street fighter, but he suffers sharp pains from his sickness quite often.

Syntax is the prime minister from the Teso tribe who is very wealthy and full of himself.

Bloods is a dog that grew up on the streets, so he is quite independent and hates relying on others.

Aquina is a very proper young mermaid who loves royalty; she frowns upon those who are improper.

Ricco is a member of the Liars who is bad at stealing, cheating, and lying, so he gets made fun of by his friends for being too nice.

Kroff is a member of the Red Balloons who isn't very good with complex tasks, but instead excels at tasks that test his strength.

Mikana is a very demanding and impatient woman and is always rushing people, but possesses qualities of a leader.

Kilasa is a cowardly member of the Yellow Tribe who fights with a garbage can and rubber bands.

Cowlick is a resident of the Grove who used to love eating blue grass, but she has since moved on to orange grass.



Kyoto is a laidback bounty hunter who is wanted because she killed a family in a crossfire years ago.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Seattle Sketchbook Drawings

Since I didn't have any way to create digital art on my trip to Seattle, I brought my sketchbook along and spent a lot of time sketching in there. It was an interesting break from digital art, though it was kind of hard to adjust at first.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Seattle Life Drawings

This summer I had the opportunity to do life drawings in lots of different places in Seattle, like subways, the ferry, outside, at camp, etc.