Friday, May 29, 2015

Tegra Note Doodles

So recently I've been trying to get more comfortable using my Tegra Note for sketching. It's fun to do quick little doodles, but I'm still working on being able to create finished work on there.

Ended up realizing that painting in Sketchbook Mobile is my favorite of the free programs for my Tablet.

This one was in Art Flow.

And I tried out "Colors!" only to find out that you have to pay money to save pictures... so this is the only photo I could get of my drawing. That app was uninstalled pretty quickly afterwards....

Lots of character sketches.

I drew this one in the car on my vacation.

Quick little sketch I did after re-watching the first Madoka movie for the third or so time.

And these were some quick storyboard thumbnails I did.

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