Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Kovu & Megumi

Catching up on posting some characters from the end of the semester.

Megumi is a selfish, snobby girl. She doesn't really care for any physical activity. Megumi has very few friends from The Worlds, but supposedly has quite a few back home. She usually is not very friendly, but she has a big crush on Shaw, and will pretend to be nicer than she actually is, to win him over.

Kovu is a very kindhearted bird that leads Tag World. In his years taken over by TGWTLT, he felt very powerless and was mad at himself for allowing such a being to control his World for such a long period of time. Once Kovu is back in control of his World, he takes away the strict rules of Tag World so that The Nays and citizens of his World can live there without fear of being attacked or captured by the Higher Up Birds.

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