Sunday, May 31, 2015

Detective Ragger Demo Available for Download!

So I finally finished up my senior thesis: a demo for my game, Detective Ragger. It took a lot of work, but was a really great experience overall. I have been working on this game for about a year now (at least this particular version of it).

About the game:
Detective Ragger is a detective styled game created in RPGMaker VX Ace. I created it for my senior thesis class all year long. Originally I had made a draft of this game in RPGmaker 2003 about 5-6 years ago, but this is the revamped version where I fixed a lot of things up and actually used all of my own art to create the game.In this demo, you play as Adrian (Detective Ragger), on a detective case to find some thugs who have kidnapped a client's wife. This is the first playable part in the prologue section of the game, but there will obviously be a lot of exposition leading up to this point in the full version of the game. The full version of the game will not be released for a few years, due to how my schedule is set up.

This is the poster I created for the game.

A trailer for the game that I had the opportunity to screen a few times.

(only available for Windows PCs)

If you already have RPGmaker VX Ace OR the RTP installed, then you can DOWNLOAD THIS VERSION INSTEAD

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