Thursday, May 7, 2015

Aya & Dusk

These were characters I did my last few days of classes, so they were a little rushed.

 Ayazuki is a very solemn girl who does not disobey orders very easily. Although, once seeing outsiders from outside Yigness, she becomes more rebellious and changes into a girl who longs to find herself and her true purpose in the world. She acts tough on the outside, but inside she is actually a girl who wants to be loved and surrounded by friends, which is why she often rescues Scott, in hope that he will invite her to do so.

Dusk is a very tough girl. She grew up rather independently and doesn’t like to look to others for hep ever. She likes picking fights and is one of the lead members in Yaro’s gang, the Blood Lords. Dusk refers to herself as “The Poisonous Eagle” because she believes that while she acts on her own, she is free. She is also very powerful and can act as a “poison” in battle because she will usually not end a fight until her opponent is either dead or badly injured.

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