Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Coyote & Shintiku

These characters were a lot of fun to work with. They already had loose designs, so it was a matter of finalizing those designs.

Coyote is a very energetic guy who loves vegetables. He has a fascination with farming, but isn't actually a full-time farmer himself. He loves talking to strangers, and will almost always bring up his love for vegetables in every conversation. He also has a garden at home that he takes care of, and even grows his own vegetables sometimes.

Shintiku is one of Veetoff's followers, or one of "Veetoff's slaves" as Gair calls him. Shintiku looks up to Veetoff, although he is sometimes fearful of him. He does not value his own life and sacrifices all of his rights when he is in the presence of Veetoff. Shintiku is so obedient and caring for Veetoff, so much so that he even freely sacrifices his own life to rescue Veetoff.

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