Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Traditional NAD Drawings

So for the weekend that the labs were closed, I ended up doing my daily characters traditionally in my sketchbook instead of using my tablet, since it has been difficult to get used to drawing that way again.

Lucielle is a girl who is obsessed with chickens. She owns a whole bunch of them and uses them to her advantage in battle. She grew up on a farm, so she knows pretty much everything about them. She is usually fairly distanced from groups of people and does not fit in very easily. She eventually becomes a strong leader once she is older, though.

Effside is a grumpy member of the Big Kid Club in Biggert City. He is possibly the strongest in the city, so the citizens tend to let him be and not mess with him. Although he has a tough front, he is actually very helpful at the Gozo Burger, and is willing to help out Gozo when he needs it. Gozo, Trabe, and Chiz are probably the only ones who can give him orders without being injured.

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