Friday, March 20, 2015

Tegra Note Challenge

When I was home during Spring Break, I had somehow forgotten my tablet pen, so I was unable to draw my characters in the same quality as I've been able to previously. Instead I had to use Sketchbook Express on my tiny Tegra Note, so it was pretty challenging. That device isn't really made for drawing, so my drawings came out super messy that I did on it. Also because of the limited amount of layers you can have on the mobile version of Sketchbook Express, I have to create the background and writing using a mouse or track-pad on my laptop. Although, I still ended up doing them either way.

Pychy is a friend of Mr Dude and the guide of the Hillside Manor. He is very elegant and polite. He is also an architect; he is the one who built the Hillside Manor, as well as many other places in Mr Dude World.

Mosh is a very silly creature that is Ann's pet and best friend. He always wants to have fun, so is constantly seeking attention from Ann and her friends. He knows when to stop though, if he is being too annoying and needy.

Lemon is very well-off, financially, but she does not have very much confidence in herself. She always fears having no friends, even though she is very close to them. She will stay attached to her few friends no matter what. She is usually very outgoing though, when she is around them. She looks up to Zandra and Aquina as her idols and follows them wherever they go.

And this one was actually drawn on my Monoprice Tablet (as you can tell I'm far too used to drawing on cintiqs that it's been difficult to adjust).

Maru, the mother of Tyin, was the one who was left out of the group in her generation of Nays. Being the first generation Pigger, she always wanted to protect the poor, regardless of how she was treated by the other Nays. Some of her cousins were poor, so she had a close connection with them. Maru was also the first one to kill another Nay; she killed Oketsu for making fun of her and never accepting her, no matter how hard she tried.

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