Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ivy & Xalt

Some character drawings from last week! These ones already were recently (or semi-recently) re-designed, so it was fun to draw them again without having to think of much re-design.

Ivy is able to speak with and get help from the plant-life, no matter where it is found. Because of these powers of hers, Ivy was rejected at her past home. Upon her foster mother being killed in her work building, she joined Ralphie after he saved her life. Ivy does not talk all that much, and she acts quite mature for her young age, besides the fact that she carries around a ragged stuffed cat.

Xalt is the daughter of the World Leader, New Lady. She acts as a leader-figure of the R Nays because she is the oldest and her mother is a World Leader. She is very demanding and will not let things go until she gets her way.

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