Monday, February 9, 2015

Dynamic Characters

Lately I've been trying to think more dynamic with these character designs and slightly the poses. Dark Dragon's pose was a bit different for me and actually surprisingly the parts I thought would be hardest to execute ended up being the most successful parts of the piece.

Drowzwadd is a very strange creature that is TGWTLT's pet who has very strange habits. He claims to be the leader of the "Super Hero Club" in Biggert City, filled with a bunch of outcasts. He enjoys hopping around and often makes obscene jokes.

Dark Dragon is a very ruthless Higher Up Bird. Before he became a Higher Up Bird, he would often try to take control. Dark Dragon was always stronger than the Higher Up Birds, but his dark mood caused him him to not be eligible until Arctic and Pheno were gone. Dark Dragon hates children and is very amused by torturing them. He is very mean to just about everyone, and is always looking for a way to become the most powerful one in Tag World. No one will mess with Dark Dragon, or he will very likely pick a merciless fight with them.

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