Saturday, February 7, 2015

Contrasting Characters

Just noticed these two's colors and shapes contrast each other quite a bit, so that was a coincidence that they were one day apart in birthdays.

Skine has a strong connection to his small group of childhood friends and will do anything he can to help them out. Growing up in a tribe of medics, he has the ability to aid them in healing. Skine has a carefree personality and likes to joke around with his close friends. He is very polite to people that he does not know, and is all-around a friendly person.

The Guy Who Talks Like This' Rival, commonly known as TGWTLT's Rival, is a very random man. He is always competing to be the best World Leader, and longs for The Nays to favor him. TGWTLT's Rival does events similar to TGWTLT, but he tries to spice them up and make his events more favorable and fun. He enjoys doing events at night time and loves anything frightening. When The Nays never go to his World, he gets very angry and rounds up all of The Nays who are not main, and has them side with him to cause an uprising.

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