Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Weeklies and More Doodles

Some character drawings in addition to some stuff from the Weeklies sketch group.

Ex is a very reserved man who speaks fairly little, but when he does speak, his low voice is quite soft. He holds high ranks in Outlaw Bar, but mostly prefers to work as the bartender. When needed, he will take charge as a leader and provide his assistance. Though he is usually fairly calm, he is actually quite a strong fighter. When he is angry, he is not someone you want to mess with.

Ilker is a very grumpy dog who does not like anything. The only words that he knows how to say are "I don't like that." His only friend is Doge, and even that he is not sure about. Ilker's only interest is eating, because he will eat whenever he is upset; and he just so happens to be upset all the time, so he is always eating.

Some doodles I did on my Tablet during class.

Some gestures I did at Weeklies last week.

These were some gesture drawings I did a few weeks back during Weeklies that I forgot to post.

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