Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Off to CTNX!

So I'm heading off to CTNX tomorrow! I'm super excited to meet tons of cool people there. I've also been prepping my portfolio.I updated my banner and am in the process of updating my blog format so look forward to seeing that by tomorrow. Also I've been doing some more drawings as a break from class.

Doge is a very outgoing dog that loves making friends. Doge is very happy-go-lucky and is always found talking to strangers. He keeps a record of events in his notebook and likes drawing pictures. Doge is a very random dog that will become very excited at moments and everyone besides his friends find him to be very strange. As of recently, Doge has befriended many of The Nays, such as Firebreath and Ted. Doge wants to be a strong leader one day and strives to improve.

Some sketches of Pubby.

Environment study.

Quick portrait study.

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