Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Daily Characters!

Some more characters that I've been drawing this week!

Baw is a very energetic monkey who has a speech impediment. Although he was diagnosed and learned how to speak better, it often tires him out, so he does not do it often. Baw loves physical contact and will always grab onto people to make himself feel more secure. He loves to talk, even if he is not very skilled at it.

Katume used to be a mindless follower of Death, but once Trekkon joined his side, he began to think on his own and develop a friendship with Trekkon. Katume is very active and shares his thoughts with Trekkon alone, treating him as a brother. He loves the thrills of battle and will fight whenever he has the chance to. He looks out out for Trekkon and will stay by his side whenever needed.

Snips is a mother of three sons, who loves baking. She is always seen making cheesecake, which is the favorite dessert of her whole family. She is often very strict, but can be kindhearted when guests are present, or during pleasant family time.

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