Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekend Characters

I've been super busy with classes, so I missed a day. But I've been trying to keep up with this project!

ACider is an anthromorphic fox girl turned cyborg. She used to be an innocent fox girl who spent her days frolicking in the forest... until the evil Chaz's men captured her and robotized her. They attempted to turn her into a killing machine, but she was freed from the path by Shaw. She is now one of his close friends, although her cold personality can still be felt by those she does not know. Because of her assassin-like qualities, she has formed a bond with Kali.

The Deanster is a kind man who controls the weather using his emotions. He cannot always control himself, so he is often blamed for causing harm that he does not mean to do. Luckily, he is usually very happy and can keep the weather sunny, but when he is being treated badly, he cannot help but cause giant storms and natural disasters.

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