Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Variety of Characters!

The past few days have had some varied characters. Obviously Pubby and Firebreath are two that I draw a lot, but they look a bit different than the many human characters who have been drawn recently.

Pubby is a cat that can change his size, growing very large to shrinking to be very tiny. Pubby is usually very friendly to strangers, and is able to make new friends easily; but to those he does not like, he can be very mean, straight to their faces. He often tries to act tougher than he is, and pretends he is very brave, when in reality, he does not have very much courage. Pubby is always looking for new people to hang out with, and does not really stay close friends with people for very long. He never seems to be satisfied and always wants more excitement in his life. He ends up joining a gang (called the Dusty Dimes), which causes his ego grow even more. His friend is in charge of the gang, so Pubby feels that he has a lot of importance in this group.

Firebreath is a so called "dragon" (even though he's probably just a species of lizard). He's very playful and immature, and also seems to have an obsession with his friend Pubby. Firebreath is known to get jealous very easily. Whenever Pubby makes a new friend, Firebreath makes an extra effort to divert Pubby's attention away from the new friend and back to him.

Fate is a young girl who had caused much trouble in PS World, in her past. She may look innocent, but she is actually a very deadly individual who has killed hundreds of people in PS World. Despite her cute appearance, she does not show mercy to her enemies. She was wanted by Harukame, so Ya Cipo kills this young girl.

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