Saturday, August 16, 2014

T-Shirt Design and Project-in-Progress!

Yesterday I worked a lot on some quicker drawings. I put together some really quick drawings with line and color, but a little more developed than my usual sketches.

Archy is a very calm dog who does not bark very much. He is very obedient and loyal to Johnny, and will aid him in whatever way possible. This Bernese Mountain Dog is not very easy to communicate with, besides if he is "speaking" with Johnny whom he has grown up with.

Monokuma from Dangan Ronpa. A t-shirt design I made for my Society6 store!

Annd I continued working on a little project that my brother and I started the other day. These are just a few drawings from it. It will make more sense once it's done and I put together the full thing, but this is a sneak preview. I didn't spend much time on these at all, as you can probably tell.

.... Also just realized there's lots of black and red in this post for some reason. Weird because I don't usually use that color scheme too often (aside from the Demon World).

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