Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Thesis Sketches

For the second day of my Animation Pipeline class, we had to come up with three potential ideas to decide between for our senior thesis. I have been working on the Nays Detective Game for quite awhile, and I'm pretty set on that idea, but it was fun to develop a few others. I ended up going with presenting a pilot-type short of The Nays, as well as the game I came up with in Game Dev class about Deanster and his powers of controlling the weather. Below are a few new sketches I came up with.

Some new concepts I did for my thesis. The top left is a sample of how it might look in-game. Also the top right is an idea I had for a gun-chase scene. And then there are some other various doodles.

Some sketches of the main cast of The Nays.

Poster I made for The Nays.

And a quick doodle of Deanster.

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