Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nays Detective Game: Revived!

So I'm FINALLY going to redo an old RPGmaker game I made in high school. It was probably my farthest along and most developed one (since it had about an hour and a half of gameplay so far, along with a planned out story and developed characters). I decided that I am going to finish this game by May of 2015... because it is going to be my Senior Thesis project!

This week I reworked the story and wrote out a sequence of events for the entire game. It is going to have eight chapters plus a prologue. In my original game, I only reached the end of chapter one. So IF I am able to complete the whole thing, it's estimated to have about seven or so hours of gameplay in the end. I planned out all of the major gameplay mechanics already.

Also, this will be my first time creating a game (aside from some test projects) in VX Ace, since I have really only made longer games in 2003 so far. It might take some getting used to at first, but I'm really excited about it. I plan to have a rough draft of the script done by the start of this fall semester, as well as some more doodles and concepts for re-designs of the characters. I've written a few pages of my script so far, and done the sketches below:

Some quick sketches I of some of the main characters. I tried to slightly re-design some of them and make them look their age a little more (they're all in their 20s besides Adrian).

And so this is what the game looked like in RPGmaker 2003. I basically used RTP and other resources I downloaded online. I plan to create all of the art and resources on my own for the VX Ace version of this game.

The game doesn't really have an official title yet, so for now it's just called The Nays Detective Game (although I'm considering naming it Detective Ragger). I started up a tag here for it so you can see future posts related to my thesis!

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