Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Digital Painting Experimenting

A bunch more character drawings! I've been having fun playing with some designs and new techniques.

I decided to try out a new painting style, using the hard round brush only. I just changed around the opacity and flow a bit as needed. It was a really fun way to paint, and I definitely enjoyed it more than my usual way. But by the way, this is Darkitu. It looks a little young, so it may be how he looked when he was younger, but I'm not completely sure yet. I just didn't really have any drawings of him, so I decided this was necessary.

And these are the initial sketches for the piece above.

Refinto is very much the quiet type. The only two friends he really has are Ralphie and Ted. Growing up, he was trained at and lived in a Dojo. After he was killed, Refinto was tricked into signing a contract with Neen saying that he will work for him and follow his orders no matter what. Refinto has turned into a slave of Neen, and follows his every command.

Trying to figure out what shapes work for Pubby's body. Still can't decide on one...

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