Monday, July 28, 2014

Character Sketching!

I've been doing a lot of character drawings this week! I forgot how much I missed having this much time to draw.

Manny's number one goal is to become a World Leader (and his sole purpose for becoming a Nay in the first place). He is always speaking about "revolutions" and causing uprisings; his catchphrase is "Viva La Revolution!" That umbrella he wields can actually shoot out bullets, and he also uses explosives in battle. He is a natural born leader and is always talking and meeting new people.

Ted is Shaw's imaginary friend who started out as a samurai. Upon coming to The Worlds, he developed his own unique personality and a mind of his own, but he still wields a sword. He is very friendly and nice to everyone he meets. He speaks his mind and makes friends easily. Ted is very energetic and talkative.

This is a part of an old project I did awhile back. It's mostly to serve as a reference for how my characters' clothes have changed over time and what outfits they wear and when. This one is Trekkon. He may or may not have a metal arm by the end, so that's why I didn't even draw it in on the second to last one.

Some character sketches of the Field Ravens.

And some doodles of Rasake.

A bunch of character sketches.

Some re-designs. On the left are the drawings I did back in 2008, and on the right are the current redone versions. I think I improved a bit. :)

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