Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Project Deanster: Concept Art

This is the final bunch of images done "for class" on my project, so I can't promise I will be able to stay this consistent over the summer (since I'll have a job and be super busy). But this was a super fun project overall and I'm really glad that I put most of my time this semester into this particular project. It really helped me to improve as an artist, and it helped me to develop the story, characters, and world, for the game before even diving into the creation of the game itself. It was extremely beneficial to the progress.

I did a concept piece of what the text bubbles might look like.

This is a concept piece for how the style of in-game graphics might look like.

And this was another concept piece, mostly to capture the mood and colors of the scene.

These are some ideas for User Interfaces for the game.

And some more ideas for how the text bubbles might look.

Character studies of Deanster.

Character studies of Duncan.

Character studies of Natalie.

And some real quick enemy concepts. I still have to go in and develop these a lot more, but I really want to figure that out once more gameplay elements are solidified.

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