Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Project: Daily Portrait

So I started on a secret project that will not be revealed until Christmas day. But in the meantime, I did some other small sketches.

So I decided to start a new project for this break. I'm gonna try to do a portrait speed painting a day. I'm planning on only spending about an hour per painting. I took reference from here.
A progress shot I took about halfway through.

I've never actually done one of these things before, but since it was a Weeklies contest, I tried.
This was the original scribble by Jinny Hinkle.

Some other doodles I did based off of the other ones.

A little Christmas doodle I did last night, featuring Firebreath, Ralphie, and Cimc.

Various sketches I did of my character Zandra the other night to try and get back into drawing. I forgot to scan these last time around.

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