Friday, November 8, 2013

Finals are Coming

Classes have been keeping me super busy! I've been doing some slightly more finalized work for some of my classes, and really getting prepared for finals, since they're coming up extremely soon. Just like last fall, finals are piling up on me and basically driving me crazy! A lot of them are really fun and great projects, but so many at once can be daunting.

A quick portrait study I did to try and take a break from homework and warm up before doing more. I wanted to work on my digital painting skills more and incorporate what I've learned from Portrait Drawing so far. This one took about 40 minutes. I took reference from here.

Colored Pencil portrait that I did in class this week. It was a free-for all, but I've come to really enjoy colored pencil, so I stuck with that. This was another two session drawing.

A little doodle I did for fun to try and take a break from homework. I tried working with no sketch and just painting straight on in SAI.

Some quick traditional sketches of Armon I did at the end of class one day.

Gesture drawings from the ASC this week.

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