Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nays Randomizer

So I drew a little bit of an old project I started back in 2009 called The Nays Randomizer. It's a project that my brother and I have done where we draw each other's characters with various prompts. So when my brother finally wanted to draw, I jumped on the opportunity. Plus I've begun to realize that drawing is actually making my sickness feel better somehow. Trying to fit in all of those final illustrations before school starts; just like every summer's end.

"Disease Boy in the Rain"
This was drawn for The Nays Randomizer. I got to play around with focus and special effects in this one.

"Haca the Mermaid"
Another one drawn for The Nays Randomizer. Although it doesn't look all that much like Haca, I got to draw a digital illustration after a long break.

"096: Drowzee"
Pokemon of the Day!


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